a division of laybor

so i've decided that this blog is too full of pictures, and most of them are not knitting-related, or nepenthetic, for that matter. therefore, my photography will now be posted on www.mercurialphotography.blogspot.com
come take a peek now and then if you'd like.


oh, the joys

my new camera has come! and it is probably the most badass camera that anyone has ever owned. unless you own a 1D, or a 5D, or a markII... or a large format camera... but or some sort of high powered nikon.
anyways, some playing around shots:

redo with the new camera:


365: 1/7-1/14

yeah, yeah, i know. i'm behind.

jan 7- docks by the toby bridge; playing around with tilt-shift

jan 8- ice near the docks

jan 9- tributary to the clarion river, flooded

jan 10- clarion river (i don't really like the focus on this, but oh well)

jan 11- bridge near emlenton, pa

jan 12- random doodle in my notebook, cup of coffee. this pretty much epitomizes my college experience.

jan 13- reference books, clarion university library

jan 14- river hill, very blue sky


i can has paradoxes?

what, did all the web comic designers get together and decide on a theme for today?
all the comics in my google reader are about paradoxical universes! well, accept for wondermark. that comic was about a kitten on a stove.



falling behind

so lately, i've been lagging on everything, including blogging and knitting. i've just been so damned tired lately! i think it's my body reacting to the new semester, classes and work starting again. i have technically been keeping up with my 365 pics, but i've failed to actually upload them to the computer. i win, i know.
hopefully sometime this weekend. :crosses fingers:


project 365- week one

jan 1st- warming my feet by the fire

jan 2nd- my grandmother's christmas tree

jan 3rd- my brother, christopher

jan 4th- my friend's new baby, willow susan

jan 5th- mermaid gloves, wip

jan 6th- my puppy, tasha

the infamous tattoo

that didn't turn out right. however, lots of you have asked for pictures, so here they are:

they were supposed to be... symmetrical, and they are clearly not. my plan is to go back on friday and see what can be done about this problem. i may get the larger of the two birds turned into a red-winged blackbird, but of course that is all speculation at this point.


bad mood

i'm in one. ever since new year's i just feel depressed and sullen, like there's no point to doing anything. i applied for a new job, because i could really use more money, and they haven't called. my house is trashed, it will probably need to be entirely shampooed, and i don't have the cash for a rug shampooer. my schedule for next semester looks... dubious at best. (read no english classes available)
i think i'm exhausted. yet, that dosen't make any sense, when i've just been on vacation. however, returning to my apartment has put me in a terrible view of things.

i'm getting a tattoo tomorrow. i don't even care.