still sick/ cool online thing of the week pt. 1

too sick to be outside taking pictures. so this week's photo assignment for my photography class will probably end up like last week's: rushed at the last minute. yay health-induced procrastination.

that being said, i have had a lot of time to lurk around the blogosphere. as such, i've decided that sundays will be my "cool online thing of the week" day. this week's thing, handbound books. specifically the one's made by rhonda at
my handbound books. she is very talented, and seeing her blog renews my love of book binding. (which is defenitely on the to-do list of crafts i MUST try, someday.) go check her out, and if you feel so compelled, poke about her etsy store.


Rhonda said...

aw, thanks for making me your 'cool online thing' this week!

Anonymous said...

Did you get rid of the other rant about Mr Shea? Or was it just more long ago than I had originally thought?

All the same. Hoping you're feeling better. <3