funny how plans don't pan out like they should...

instead of working on the hemlock ring blanket, as i'd hoped, i find myself knitting jerod flood's koolhass from IK's holiday gifts magazine.

why you ask? koolhas is one of the few things that programmer requested for christmas. and he didn't just say "savvy, knit me a hat." nono, he looked over at my computer one day while i was on jared's blog, saw said hat, and said "that's pretty neat." he also picked out a gorgeous color of yarn for the project, knitpicks wool of the andes in heathered sapphire.

i've also cast on julie anderson's booga bag for my sister's christmas present. it's a quick and easy, mindless knit. i expect to finish the actual knitting part this weekend. i'm not sure how long it will take me to felt it though, as i have no washing machine at my disposal. : /

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