today, as i went out to the barn, this is what i was greeted with:

and all i could think of was how desolate things start to look around this time of year. you can just tell that everything is beginning to seal itself off, curl up, and prepare for winter. there's a stark nakedness to these woods in the fog, and it's made even more dramatic by the snow and the mud. not to mention that we've been having terrible storms here lately. not really snowy, but wet with very strong winds that howl in the night, just as i'm about to drift to sleep. when i was a little kid and i heard that, i always thought it was a banshee.

even the horses seemed particularly stressed this afternoon. i tried to take pictures of misty for online friend kol, but it was a useless venture. she wouldn't stay still:

i guess i can't blame her though. storms are especially hard on horses. aside from the fact that they have to stay in their stalls because of the lightening, they can feel the storms. the pressure and the excess electricity does strange things to the little hairs in their ears, and i can't imagine that it's a pleasant sensation. especially when combined with that haunting sound in the wind.

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